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Revelation CD

Sony BMG / Essential Records (2008)
RRP $21.95

Third Day is one of seemingly few American Christian bands trying to explore the eddies and edges of mainstream Christian faith expression.

Musically Revelation is largely what you’d expect from Third Day: thought provoking lyrics and punchy rock and roll typified in ‘Slow Down’.

This reviewer thought he heard the band follow Jars of Clay’s recent flirtation with a little swampy, down home blues. Was that a washboard in the background behind the banjo in ‘Give Love’?

The music CD is only part of the Revelation project.

The band was inspired by Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain a Californian public art site and mecca for seekers trying to express their experience of God’s love.

It’s a strange place on the fringe of the desert and ‘normal’ church.

If you launch the CD in a computer it will give an option to go straight to Third Day’s videos and other content on the web.

Through the CD using their music as inspiration, Third Day is inviting seekers and believers to create their own artwork in response to God.

Stories, paintings, cartoons, music and videos will all be considered for posting online.

The idea is engaging and so is the music from a band that doesn’t present formulaic religion.

“Take the first, take the last. Take the good and take the rest. Here I am, all I have. Take it all.”

Revelation may be better suited to the car stereo and the iPod than the home stereo, but it’s a good introduction to the music of a significant band.

Revelation is out now in all good record stores. If not in stock it can be ordered in.

Reviewed by Phil Smith, Journey guest writer