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Sacred Places – Sites of spirituality and faith

Five Mile Press
RRP: $49.95

You won’t find dozens of traditional churches and cathedrals in this splendid coffee table book featuring hundreds of beautiful colour photographs and explanatory text.

Rather, Sacred Places is a collection of 60 of the world’s most magnificent and awe-inspiring sites, some of which have associations with the world’s religions and many which are simply the natural places that speak with power to the soul.

For Christian readers this collection of words and images are a window into the world of Shintoism, Buddism, Islam, indigenous, prehistoric and other beliefs.

From the towering columns of Canterbury Cathedral where Thomas a Becket was murdered to splendour of Uluru sacred to the Anangu Aboriginal people, this book brings the reader back again and again to dream of visiting and experiencing for oneself the significance of each of the sites depicted.

Each of us has our own “sacred places”, and Rebecca Hind’s collection is wide ranging, stunningly beautiful and delightfully presented.

Sacred Places – Sites of spirituality and faith is a great starting place to reflect on those personal and cultural places in our world and in our own personal experience that transcend the ordinary and draw us into a sense of the divine.
Reviewed by Bruce Mullan, Editor of Journey.