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Say I am Strong

By Heidi Popp


RRP $27.95

Reviewed by Tara Burton who is the community liaison officer for Journey.

Heidi Popp delivers a beautiful and seamless album, filled with inspiring and up-lifting music. Say I am Strong is comprised of ten stellar songs.

With lyrics such as “his strength is perfect when our strength is gone, he’ll carry us when we can’t carry on, raise in his power, the weak become strong. His strength is perfect.”

Ms Popp has an honest and emotional vulnerability to her voice. Yet her voice is also powerful and her technique is very impressive.

Many of the songs have a “gospel” feel, with many back up singers, which I found added diversity to the album.

The orchestra was a beautiful touch alongside Ms Popp’s voice.

I found Say I am Strong to have a fresh feel in the realm of praise and worship music. The song titles were an accurate description of the lyrics and gave me an idea of what the song will entail.

These songs will reinforce your faith and make you feel connected to the word of the Lord.