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Scars and Stilettos

Monarch Books, 2009,

RRP $19.99

Tara Burton is the community liaison officer for Journey.

SCARS AND Stilettos is a compelling story of an exotic dancer, Harmony, who found Christianity and transformed her life.

The title sums up this true story perfectly.

This is a book for any woman who has suffered from low self-confidence, an abusive partner or simply lived a life thinking there was no way out.

When I first started reading Harmony’s story I felt like I could relate, yet it was traumatic to travel with her on her journey of heartbreak and despair.

Rather than following the destructive path that she was on, she found peace and her ultimate purpose in God and Christianity.

Her story is honest and confronting and will open your eyes to a world that is a taboo topic amongst many.

However, Scars and Stilettos is certainly not for the faint hearted. But ultimately, that is what makes her story so powerful.

The book ends with a detailed explanation of the various organisations Harmony has founded (including the non-profit Treasures) and is now associated with.

Treasures helps women in the sex industry discover their true worth.

Scars and Stilettos will make you laugh and cry. It will reinforce your beliefs in religion, when you feel that you have nowhere else to turn.

Harmony’s story is inspiring and uplifting and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.