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Secrets of Super Achievers

Secrets of Super Achievers
By Philip Baker
Bookwise International and Lion Publishing
RRP $19.95

If you watched the Commonwealth games you will know the Microsoft advertisement in which Kieran Perkins says “I believe everyone can be great at something, for me, it just happened to be swimming”.
“I agree” would shout Philip Baker in his book Secrets of Super Achievers – maybe a split second behind Laurie Lawrence.

This “read in one plane trip” bookette is well organised and surprising insightful.

Liberally quoting a bevy of achievers, the instruction is not as single mindedly getting you to beat your own drum at the exclusion of living with the rest of the world, as you would initially think.

Clearly aimed at people who know Christ (and readable by anyone), Philip, a minister of a large church in Perth, throws in hints about the need for an underpinning faith. The book is “for those who desire to achieve and grow”.

I found it easily digestible, even lightweight, yet thought provoking in a punchy sort of way, well grounded, practical and worth a second read. It may even stir me yet to putting some of the thought in practice.

It follows an allied formula to the famous Norman Vincent Peale’s “Power of Positive Thinking”.

I liked the way the author used everyday examples to illustrate his points.

It is important to note the author’s definition of super achiever does not mean everyone should be Prime Minister, CEOs or football captains. The book focuses on understanding what it takes to find and follow the stuff we are made for, whatever it is.

I found the developed discussion a challenge to my “settle for mediocrity – it’s comfortable” mind set. As chapter 12 headed “Discipline” is subtitled – “First, you have to get out of bed”. Good thing I’m not built for swimming, 4am rising is for the birds.

Read this if you ever say to yourself, “Is this all?”, and 42 as an answer gets boring.

Michael Hewson
Consultant and member of
Bray Park Uniting Church