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See what I mean? and Hey Be and See

By Dave Andrews, Authentic, 2010, RRP $15 each

Reviewed by Karyl Davison, Rural Ministry Coordinator and Christian Educator, PLC

The Christian church places a good deal of emphasis on the Ten Commandments, and the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds, but as author Dave Andrews points out, much less emphasis is put on the words of the Sermon on the Mount (or plain) and the Beatitudes.

Mr Andrews reflects that the older he gets the less he believes in, but that what he does believe in he believes more and more.

He believes in the necessity of the church, as people who hold to a Christian faith, to live out more fully the word of the Beatitudes.

These two little books are companion pieces to Plan B in which Mr Andrews takes Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and reframes it “as a set of radical Be-Attitudes into a life changing framework” for making a difference in the world.

See what I mean? outlines what the Beatitudes mean for Mr Andrews in stories as he seeks to embody the radical way of Jesus.

Hey Be and See sets out how the vision of the reign of God is possible, as Jesus intended it, here on earth, and how we can and should be a part of bringing it about.

He asks how much more committed we might be to this vision if we recited the Beatitudes as frequently as we recite the creeds?

The message in these three books is clear: if we’re serious about following Christ, we need to get serious about being in the risky places the Beatitudes would take us.
Do we have the courage?