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Simple Ways: Towards the Sacred

Bluebridge –United Tribes Media Inc.
RRP: $29.95

Attempting to read this work from cover to cover does it an injustice. Simple Ways: Towards the Sacred is a book to come back to, time and time again, focussing on the particular entry that seems right for you at that point in your life journey.

The four sections of the book, (Our bodies; In our dwellings; With our every-day things; In our gratitude), contain contemplations based on activities ranging from breathing, to items such as a door or candle.

An introduction to the activity or item which is its focus is followed by a meditation, and completed with a consideration for the heart, which challenges you to act in some way within your day. Having used these, you are encouraged to form your own, using items around you every day.

Given the simplicity of the objects around which the contemplations are designed, they can be attempted anywhere, any time with the invitation to eventually spend much of your day and mundane activities in prayer.

As you read , some will seem ‘just right’ to you now; others may require more thought or challenge you in some way; others may not resonate with you at all. If you are trying to deepen your spirituality or prayer life there will be something for you in this small, easy to read book. The entry that you chose to work with can be used over a week or a month – as long as it is meaningful to you.

These are gentle words, which nevertheless have the power to reach deep within you, should you choose to allow them to.

Described on the flyleaf, ‘as a practical primer f or prayer, meditation and mindful living’, Simple Ways: Towards the Sacred is a heart-warming book which will be as useful as you want it to be.

Reviewed by Jenny Coombes