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Sometimes I Wonder

Black Ink Press

RRP $11.00


Reviewed by Barbara Bailey.

This little book was written and illustrated by a teenager who attended after school workshops on ten Fridays in 2010.

What a credit it is to her for this achievement.

She writes a reflective narrative dedicated to the memory of her sister who only lived a few days in 1991.

It is published in gentle colours with black and white drawings, has twenty-four pages and is aimed at primary aged children.

The print is large and clear.

Author, Kaitlin Kum Sing, has reflected on what it would have been like to have a big sister, someone she could sit down and talk to when she didn’t feel like talking to Mum and Dad.

The back cover suggests this story would be helpful to children trying to cope with bereavement.

I am not sure about that, however I hope this may be the beginning of a great literary career for Ms Kum Sing.