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Songs in the Key of Be

A Set of 4 cd’s with Music and Lyric books
Published by Frank Communications from 2006 – 2008.

Reviewed by Bevan Lobley, a sometimes guitarist who has a passion for music in worship and is pastor at the Kirwan and Jensen Uniting Churches.

Dave Andrews has brought us something very new in music for worship. His simple yet effective style makes it easy for anyone to play.
The music is catchy, the lyrics obviously come from his background in community work and reflect the struggle and hope of God’s love to all people.
This is not your usual style of worship material – but it does give us something to sing about in our own struggle with life as well as helping us to praise God for who God is. Played by a band and using Mr Andrews’ gravelly voice, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, however, it gives us an alternative style of worship music that would suit very much a community of faith trying to link with people’s lives, especially those from outside the church.
I love Mr Andrews’ own appraisal of his work: “These are not Hillsongs, but Valley Songs, easy-to-sing songs about the joys and sorrows of ordinary people working quietly for love and for justice”.
It certainly sums up this production.
There are rocky heavy beat songs, right down to slower more meditative songs.
I often have them in the car with me, listening and singing along.
Don’t buy this if you are looking for something to sit comfortably in your house mellowing out your day – buy it if you are looking for a challenge, a new way of thinking – or as Dave would say, a revolution.