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Soul Friend- the story of a shared spiritual journey

Even Before Publishing,


Reviewed by Wendy Scott.

SOUL Friend is part personal journal and part explanation of the role of a spiritual mentor.

Jo-Anne Berthelsen describes in detail the relationship formed with mentor Joy Crawford.

When Berthelsen was studying for the ministry, it was a requirement of the college that she had a spiritual mentor to guide her and support her during the challenging study and career change involved in preparing for a Christian ministry.

The purpose of a mentor is well described as part of the journey, showing real-life situations and how the marvellous mentor, with gentleness, directed her to reassess her thinking.

Joy shows such kindness and compassion during the process; she is the ideal, respected and respectful mentor.

Journeying together is a lovely description of what happened as the relationship deepened and the lives of both of the mentoring team went through various trials and tribulations.