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Soul Purpose: Living the Life that God Lives

Authentic Media, 2008
RRP: $24.95

Reviewed by Jan Bryde, a home group leader and member of Tully Uniting Church .

I found the comments on the back cover of the book very accurate.

“This book will lead you from your prayer of commitment into the heart of the Christian life. In his unique and understandable style, J John helps give clarity over the journey of transformation that you have begun.”

Soul Purpose covers many areas of Christian life such as prayer, going to church, and how the bible is relevant to the 21st century.

Mr John writes in a style that is easy to read. His language is such that the reader can understand easily what he is saying.

He uses little boxes on some of the pages with the main point repeated in the box so that it makes it emphasised for the reader.

It is helpful for the reader as at an easy glance you can remind yourself of that point.

He uses examples from peoples life to demonstrate how we can live the life of God. These examples make the ideas he puts forth more do-able.

I found the first few chapters of the book relate to the first few Alpha talks.

Every Christian could learn something from this book, although the back cover suggests it is for newly committed Christians.

We can all be fed at all points of our journey and be reminded of some things we forgot we knew.

Soul Purpose is a great read. All readers would find some challenges and gems within the pages.