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Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success – Gaining the goal without losing your Soul

Monarch Books 2009
RRP $22.95
Reviewed by Rev Dr Noel Park, a retired minister in the Nambour congregation.
I approached the task of reviewing this book with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation.
The author has an amazing reputation in the film industry while still being highly regarded among Christian theologians.
I should not have been concerned.
Linda Seger writes with an ease of style which encourages the reader to press on to the next chapter.
We have all witnessed the huge egos of many televangelists or the arrogance of some leaders in the business world as well as the obscenely self-centred life styles of some in the entertainment industry.
Ms Seger sets out to discuss success, measured by a variety of criteria, and the ways in which one can have that and still remain true to one’s faith.
She concentrates on Christian faith but demonstrates that the conclusions reached can apply to other faiths as well.
Ms Seger integrates her personal experiences into her discussion with humility and candidness.
In that sense Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success is an illustration of the principles she espouses.
Ms Seger has drawn her theological ideas from a wide range of denominational sources, having been involved in a number of them either as worshipper or theological student.
She exposes the extremes of some views while sometimes treading a thin theological line herself.
Her discussion on wealth and possessions are a breath of fresh air after much of the so called prosperity theology.
Ms Seger’s broad theological approach will be sure to engender reactions from readers for many different reasons but readers may be sure that this book will set them thinking.
A really readable book which includes pertinent discussion questions at regular points making this a valuable resource for either personal study or for use in group situations.