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Stop the Traffik: People shouldn’t be bought and sold

Lion Books, 2009
RRP $19.95
Reviewed by Sue Pickering, minister at Trinity Wilston Uniting Church and a passionate social justice advocator.
Stop the Traffik is campaign against human trafficking and this book provides some facts about this trade.
People all over the world are victims of trafficking with around 80per cent of trafficked people being women and girls and up to 50% are children.
The total profit from human trafficking is second only to the trafficking of drugs.
Stop the Traffik provides an overview of the campaign and offers ideas and resources for taking action.
It provides facts and figures in relation to this shocking trade; however, as with all statistics the reader needs to mindful of the fact that the nature of this trade means that the true extent is unknown.
The book is easy to read and contains a number of personal stories.
Many of the stories originate from the developing world, the reason being that people living in extreme poverty are more vulnerable to traffickers who use abusive, and exploitative measures to lure people into the world of trafficking.
However there are accounts of young girls in the UK who are groomed and sold; a sober reminder to all that trafficking can happen in our own backyards.
Stop the Traffik is a great book for anyone who wants to learn more about human trafficking.
As the book says, humanity should not be turned into a commodity.