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Stories From The Bible 2 (A Look Inside Flapbook)

Illustrated by Jane Kochnevitz
Candle Books RRP: $19.95

This lift-the-flap book would attract the younger readers with its use of colour and format – the use of hidden pictures is often a great enticement for young ones. The pictures behind the flaps mostly help tell the story; others are interesting additions (eg. animals appearing behind stones). Each story chosen is told in summary form and the font used is clear and not too small, aiding those who are beginning to read.

However usually a board book (as this is) is for a younger person than one beginning to read and in this respect, and if used for this age-group, I see some difficulties with this book. Firstly the selection of stories is intriguing – one of the best ways to connect with younger ones is to use stories that connect with their lives. I am not sure that some of these stories would, although those more experienced with a young age-group may be able to do so. Secondly, I wonder if some of the language is too advanced for a young age group, which is disappointing as it is mostly good in this respect.

I think I would be selective in my use of Stories From The Bible 2 with younger children (eg toddlers); perhaps only using some of the stories with them and changing the language if necessary. With older young children, it could be a good stepping off point to exploring some of God’s promises and related stories.

Reviewed by Mel Perkins a Minister Intern with the Uniting Church in Australia