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New Zealand singer, Edwin Derricutt has released his third album titled Symmetry and it is in no way monotonous or common.

With a New Zealand country-style background, he leaves his listeners relaxed, enchanted and at peace with these unique tracks.

Based on relationships with God and with a significant other, the songs spell out the importance of a Christian-based relationship and the love that emerges through it.

Most of the tracks, however, can be easily related to either party, which allows for both imaginative interpretation and versatility of the lyrics.

Derricutt has been described as sounding similar to Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, to whom he looks for inspiration.

The guitar complements his subtle tone and the instrumentals boast perfect compatibility with his voice.

The recording is clear and timed faultlessly, along with the use of a wide range of sounds from the acoustic and electric guitars, violins, bass, piano and percussion.

Although not an entirely new sound, Derricutt has perfected his art, and the lyrics are cleverly and originally put together in a combination that flatters all of the tracks on Symmetry.

His vocal abilities are not lacking and he uses his range effectively to support the statement he desires in each song. He does not strain his vocal limits so all tracks are pleasant and easy to listen to.

The best display of his ability is in the final track titled ‘A House to Die For’ which complements his capabilities with subtle acoustic guitar and an echoed feel to his voice.

If seeking an easy going, laid back and peaceful sound, Symmetry is the one to look out for.

His beautiful and clear recordings can be loved by just about anyone, so check it out when you get a chance.

Reviewed by Danielle Stith, a Year 12 student from Brisbane