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The Aussie Bible (Well, bits of it anyway)

The Aussie Bible (Well, bits of it anyway)
Re-told and presented by Kel Richards
DVD Divine Entertainment
RRP $25.95

A few years ago I took a youth group on a chalk chase where we nearly got into a street fight with some older boys who were wandering the streets. That night it so happened that devotions were on some of Jesus’ most radical teachings. As I read the words of Jesus on “cheek turning” and “enemy loving” these boys laughed out loud – “as if anyone would ever do that!”

The Aussie Bible DVD brings the Gospel to us in a fresh, disarming and surprising way that makes us laugh, muse and think again at this most remarkable of stories.

Kel Richards, master of words, brings us the “ridgy-didge, fair dinkum” version of events from Palestine 2000 years ago (well, bits of it anyway) plus a bush poet version of Psalm 23.

The Aussie colloquialisms flow faster than the Murray in flood, full of sheilas, barbies and nick-names. It is right up my alley but may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Kel tells the stories in seven minute sections as he sets up a picnic, cooks a BBQ and cleans the pool.
Great as a discussion starter for a Bible study, or even to enliven worship, I reckon every true blue Aussie church should have a copy.

Some have remarked that unless you know the ‘real’ version you just ‘don’t get’ what Kel has done. But since the book version is a best-seller there must be a whole lot of average Aussies who do ‘get it’.