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The Biggest Thing in the World

Lion Hudson Press 2012


Reviewed by Barb Bailey.

WHAT is the biggest thing in the world?

In this small hard cover book for children, Little Snow Bear wakes up after a long winter's sleep and his mother takes him on a journey to explore the world.

He falls into a hole but all is well as his mother is there to rescue him.

They see many animals, giant waterfalls, a whale, the sea and as they catch sight of these things Little Snow Bear keeps asking "Is this the biggest thing in all the world?" Finally his mother gives him the biggest hug and tells Little Snow Bear that her love for him is the biggest thing in the world.

This is a gentle feel good story to emphasise the importance of human love and care.

The illustrations by Melanie Mitchell are amazing and compliment the text nicely.

The biggest thing in the world has a significant amount of text so the young child enjoy the illustrations they will not be able to read it by themselves.

Highly recommended.