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The Book of Revelation for Dummies

Wiley Publishing, Inc.
RRP $29.95

This book is a continuation in the popular “For Dummies” series. The authors have produced a highly readable, easy to follow and at times humorous ‘tour’ of the book of Revelations. With the use of scholarly interpretation and supporting diagrams the context, symbols and possible understandings of Revelations are explained.

The Book of Revelation for Dummies is separated into 4 parts. These look at setting the scene for: The end of the biblical story; interpreting Revelation; a grand tour of Revelation; and finally questions and answers on questions about Revelations.

A balanced approach is given to understanding the various schools of thought that are held while trying to understand Revelations. The dominate views of the futurist, preterist, historicist and idealist are explored throughout Parts I, II and IV of the book. However, in Part III, the ‘commentary’ section of the book the ‘futurist’ view tended to dominate.

Having said this it is pleasing to see that Revelation for Dummies doesn’t aim to give the “answers” to the book of Revelations, as the authors have admitted, “only time will tell”. Rather it aims to help equip the reader (theologically savvy or not) with the tools to delve deeper, understand more and not end up with PTRRD: Post-Traumatic Revelation Reading Disorder!!

My wife entered the room while I was reviewing the book and asked, “What is the book like?” My immediate response was that it provides a balanced and fair understanding of Revelations.

If I gave this answer to my wife then I will be in trouble if I don’t give it to others as well.

Reviewed by Rev John Ruhle, Forbes, NSW