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The Compact Guide to the Bible

By Debra K. Reid and Martin Manser
Lion Hudson, 2010
RRP $24.99

Reviewed by Karyl Davison, a lecturer at Pilgrim Learning Community.

While there is nothing particularly new in this book, The Compact Guide to the Bible brings together information often found in disparate sources about the Bible.

Complete with colour illustrations on many pages, great timelines (for example setting out biblical events alongside the historical developments of the times), maps and diagrams The Compact Guide sets down an overview of the Old and New Testaments, individuals, places, groups and nations in the Bible.

It begins with the question “What is the Bible?” and ends with “How are we to read the Bible?”

The book also has a reasonable index and basic glossary, and cross referencing.

It is a good introductory book on the Bible, its origins, contents and history.

It would be handy to have on your shelves if you are beginning the journey to understand more about the scriptures.