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The End of Days: Essential Selections from Apocalyptic Texts – Annotated and Explained

Skylight Paths Publishing
RRP: $29.95

The End of Days seeks to offer an explanation of Apocalyptic Biblical Scripture and historical and present day interpretations and reflections of them. It compares the beginnings and differences between pre-millennialism and post-millennium perspectives and how these beliefs have influenced society, denominations and theology over the centuries. It is comprised of a collection of commentaries which are annotated by Clouse.

Each chapter represents each century, beginning with St Augustine onto present century. Each chapter is filled primarily with biblical scriptures or religious texts, with commentaries on the opposite pages to explain what it means. It appears the scriptures used in each chapter are to also reflect a time line of each century and interpret Biblical prophecy into worldly events century by century.

The book claims to offer an explanation into the apocalyptic scriptures that even a newbie can understand. I don’t agree. I would not describe the book as easy reading. The book appears to be widely researched and written with academic language only common to scholastic/academic communities.

I found The End of Days did not bring me any understanding or ponderings on the apocalyptic scriptures, I found myself frustrated, confused and in need of a dictionary to accompany the book (and I have a university education). In fact, I only read half of the book, including the introduction. The academic vocabulary only made it a somewhat bumpy read.

The book also includes details of works by the commenter, advertises other books that can be purchased from the publisher (including world religious text, Kabbalah, alternative spiritualities, folk law fiction, poetry, craft and others) and an order form stuck in the middle of the book. There was one diagram which was overly detailed and moving in both horizontal and vertical directions.

This book offers one interpretation (of the many) of the apocalyptic passages. As with any persons who claim to accurately interpret the books of prophecy, I suggest critical analysis and thought when reading the book; take it with a grain of salt.

The End of Days would suit scholarly types or theology students.

Anybody else who is interested in studying the end-of-times topic, I suggest looking elsewhere.

Review by B. A.Dorman