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The Faith of Generation Y

Church House Publishing (London)

2010, RRP $34.95

Reviewed by Wendy Scott, Kenmore Uniting Church.

This book is the result of a very thorough research that stretched over five years in London.

It is very precise in its findings, as an academic work should be.

If you want an accessible paperback giving insight into the beliefs, mindset and culture and attitudes of Generation Y in order to have a more relevant youth ministry, this is not the book for you.

Howeve,r if you appreciate a thorough sociological study into the theology and precepts of the current generation of young adults you will enjoy the order, research and precision of this book.

Though it is based on a British study, most of the findings are transferable to Australian congregations.

It does say the current approaches to young people do not work because of their very different mindset.

But is this so original? The idea that our children build on what they learn and then do things their own way to bring much needed change in the world?

I am sure that Adam and Eve had the same experiences.