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The Gathering

Seabury Books, 2007
RRP $17.95
Hip Hop church, the Bronx, New York – These three things lead me to assume that perhaps this was something that was on the streets, in the community, but alas it is a building based service – but with a difference. The title represents Jeanine’s journey and how gathering has supported her as opposed to what the book is about.
The Gathering is a collection of prayers, reflections and poems (or perhaps more accurately raps) organized into five sections; Our Deepest Fear, Our Darkness, Our Light, We are Powerful Beyond Measure, Your Voice.
Initially I thought that The Gathering may be a good resource for helping write some creative prayers or reflections; however, on further examination personally I wouldn’t use the contents.
This is a book of peoples personal thoughts, feelings, experiences and very American-centric!
The contents do seem to fit in with the Hip Hop scene so I think that young people with an interest in Hip Hop would connect the contents.
Some authors where identified and some left anonymous.
I think the reflections, prayers, etc would have been more engaging had to background information in relation to the identified authors had been provided.
Reviewed by Susan Pickering minister with the Trinity Wilston Uniting Church