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The Give and Keep (CD)

By Sarah Hart,
hippArt Music / Sarah Hart Music,
RRP $22.95

Reviewed by Tara Burton, Journey community liaison officer.

LISTENING TO the music of Sarah Hart is truly an enriching and inspiring experience.

Drawing from her religious background and passion for women’s ministry, her songs are compassionate and heartfelt.

Her new release The Give and Keep is her tenth album.

It makes for very easy listening.

I found her music highly enjoyable, putting it on repeat in the Journey office.

The Give and Keep includes eight songs about worship, love, friendship and life.

Her lively style is a perfect blend of folk and contemporary rock.

Her voice has a raw yet soft tone.

Sarah Hart’s music is refreshing, original and soothing.

I really resonated with these lyrics; “we’re stumbling all the time, that’s the way it is.

Living in this beautiful mess we call life.

We’ve all got mountains that we’ve got to face.

Together we can make the way much easier to climb.

So let’s say we can agree, with everything that’s in our hearts.”

I found the song ‘Love we’ll leave’ to be very powerful and emotive.

It is clear that Ms Hart is a very talented singer, songwriter and producer.

This CD beautifully encapsulates spirituality and is perfect for people of all ages and backgrounds.