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The Journey of Lent

By Phil Hoffmann
MediaCom Education Inc.
RRP $4.95

Designed as a series of daily personal reflections for people to use during Lent The Journey of Lent follows Jesus on the journey to Jerusalem and invites the reader to focus on readings from John’s Gospel offering a brief one page meditation, question for reflection and short prayer.

It would take just a few minutes a day to encounter the personal reality of Jesus leading to his death and resurrection.

I understand that Phil prepared The Journey of Lent to give to every member of his Uniting Church congregation in Adelaide and can imagine the power that would come from a Christian community all participating in a shared journey.

At $4.95 it first seemed a lot for such a slim publication but then when I calculated that it is only 12 cents per day it’s a very worthwhile investment in personal growth and spirituality.

Try The Journey of Lent with your congregation and I bet they’ll be more tuned in at worship for a few weeks.