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The Losses of our Lives

SkyLight Paths Publishing, 2009
RRP $23.95

Reviewed by Bevan Lobley, who is interested in dealing with loss personally and to help those who seek his help.

THIS IS  not an easy book to read.

Talking about something that is very personal and also often quite distressing in our own lives is often hard to take in.

Dr Copeland-Payton gives us some tools to deal with different losses, through prayer and meditation.

Several times I had to put the book down as it was bringing back some hard memories for me, and so consequently, it took me a long time to finish the book.

Struggling through the book I first thought that I was just not getting into it.

I soon realised that it was affecting me in ways that I don’t always want to face.

Yes, it is hard, it is confronting, but it does help.

The prayer/meditation section at the end of each chapter is also challenging as Dr Copeland-Payton calls us to different styles of praying and often encourages us to sit in the uncomfortableness of our pain.

Pick it up but make sure you have plenty of time to allow it to touch you and move you on through loss, that we all experience in different ways at different times.