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The Outsiders

DVD RRP: $24.95 (G)

In the tradition of Christian surf movies, The Outsiders offers some amazing surfing footage together with testimonies from professional surfers.

The Outsiders was filmed in world-class surf destinations such as Hawaii, Australia, California, and Indonesia and features 2001 World Champion CJ Hobgood and other name surfers including Aussie, Joel Fitzgerald.

Produced by "Walking on Water" which makes evangelistic movies for the surfing population, The Outsiders  has received favourable reviews from a number of surfing magazines.

The message is simple and direct; lives that once lived just for surfing, sex and drugs have been transformed, Jesus is better than anything and will fill the "God-shaped hole" in your life. Don’t expect any profound theological discussion here.

Amazed by what mere human beings can do on a lump of fibreglass in the ocean I wasn’t captivated by the film. It wasn’t made for me but for surf aficionado the film and soundtrack will appeal and the testimonies carry weight.

If you’ve got some grommets in your youth group show them this DVD; they’ll be impressed and possibly convicted.

The Special Edition DVD features additional surfing footage, extra outtakes, east coast tour video and subtitles in Spanish, English, Italian, Japanese, French and Portuguese.

The Outsiders is also be available to rent from your local video store which is not all that common for faith based entertainment.