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The Prodigal Ute

By Paul Clark

Wombat Books, 2010

RRP $5.95

Reviewed by the children from Emerald Christian College.

What is the story about?
The story is about a Ute that complains about the farm and a robber takes him and does the wrong thing. (Lara, 7 years)
The Ute that got lost and his owner found the lost Ute (Chantelle, 7 years).

A Ute that got kidnapped and found again by his owner. They celebrated at the car wash and lived happily ever after (Katie, 7 years).

The story is about a lost Ute who got found and all the cars had a picnic to celebrate. They all had a good time (Danielle 7 years).

Why did you enjoy the story?

Because it tells that God doesn’t mind if we are dirty and smelly (Katie 7 years).

Because it is a bible story told by the cars (Savannah, 7 years).

Because it was interesting and it had good pictures (Lara, 7 years).

What was the best part of the story?

When they went to the car wash (Peter, 8 years).

When Lucy said sorry (Dani, 7 years).

When he came home and they celebrated (Jayna, 8 years).

When the Ute was doing burn outs and screeches (Michelle, 7 years).

This story is part of a great series of stories for children to read or have read to them. The children’s comments say it all.
They would be a perfect gift for Sunday School children for end of year break ups (Rev Russell Reynoldson).