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The Sceptics Guide to God

Show & Tell Pty Ltd (Sanctuary Cove), 2008
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Reviewed by Peter Harvey, Frontier Services – Flinders Patrol.

This small book is an engaging and easy to read apologetic of the Christian belief about the existence and person of God.

David Heenan speaks from his own heart and understanding of some of the deep theological questions of our time.

Through answering a series of forty something questions the author works through compelling contemporary scholarship and traditional statements of faith to provide the reader with a concise yet engaging argument for, first of all, the existence of God, and then, for the characteristics of that God that as Christians we take for granted.

The later questions in the book explore the Christian understanding of salvation through the person and work of the Son of God – Jesus Christ, but from a fairly dogmatic reformed Calvinistic theological viewpoint.

The one major problem I had with some of the one or two page vinaigrettes that Mr Heenan provides his readers is the reliance on the Bible to ‘prove’ itself, which to me is a logical disconnect.

At other times his extensive knowledge and use of other source documents and scholarship gives a cogent and logic to what he would have us see.

Mr Heenan finishes the book with a personal testimony of the impact of the information contained in the book upon his own life. He explores the spiritual interaction he had with this God he has written about, who IS real and has saved him.

For me the book would have little impact on a convinced atheist but may be somewhat useful for a wavering agnostic who is determined to find truth.