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The Scrapbooking Journey: A Hands-On Guide to Spiritual Discovery

Skylight Paths Publishing, Woodstock, Vermont
R.R.P $32.95

When I first saw the title of this publication I didn’t believe it would be about Scrapbooking (a current worldwide craft form) and spiritual discovery but that is exactly what it is! The author leads you on an imaginative journey which involves reflection and journaling, all the while asking and seeking answers to searching questions about life.

The result of this process is expressed through the written word, images in various forms and design using tools available through scrapbooking suppliers. In fact in the Introduction to the book is a list of needed tools for the hands-on production of scrapbooking pages.

The nine chapter headings of this creative resource give an indication of areas of content and emotions the book explores: Resonance, Equilibrium, Movement, Awareness, Expression, Awakening, Celebration and Connection.

Each chapter has reflective writing which sensitively involves and challenges the reader, then leads you through a scrapbooking exercise relevant to your responses. Towards the end of the chapter on Celebration, for example, you are invited to create a scrapbook journal page that recognizes and celebrates your uniqueness. Black and white images are placed throughout the book with sixteen full colour layouts. The last section of each chapter invites you to go deeper to expand your vision and to experience afresh your connection with Creator God.

The craft experience is linked subtlety with the faith experience. The Scrapbooking Journey is gentle and encouraging. This imaginative resource will be appreciated by anyone who is willing to experiment with a fresh approach to self-awareness and spiritual discovery.

I don’t believe The Scrapbooking Journey is for females only. I can see it as an excellent element of retreats for lay and clergy.

Reviewed by Rev Barbara Bailey