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The Secrets of Johnathan Sperry (DVD)

Directed by Rich Christiano
Five and Two Pictures in association with Christiano Film Group

Reviewed by Tara Burton, community liaison officer for Journey and ‘movie buff’

The Secrets of Johnathan Sperry is an inspiring and touching film about the unexpected friendship between twelve year old Dustin and seventy-five year old Johnathan.

The movie explores themes such as bullying, puppy love and teamwork.

However, most importantly Mr Sperry stresses to the youngsters of the importance of the Bible.

He teaches Dustin and his friends that they must pray for their enemies, rather than be angered by them and that good deeds will never go un-noticed.

The film also emphasises the importance of forgiveness, even in extreme circumstances.

The characters are relatable and in particular Jansen Panettiere (who plays Dustin) was an exceptional little actor.

It was great to watch the main characters overcome their fears and form friendships they did not think would be possible.
The storyline is a simple one, yet I still found it to be very engaging.

It was a perfect mix of comedy and drama.

The take home message of this film is that regardless of age; friendship has no limits and the Bible can be considered the street directory for life.

By the end of The Secrets of Johnathan Sperry I was deeply touched and enlightened by Mr Sperry’s character.

I watched this with my family and I would recommend that you do so too.

Definitely a must have for every Christian families’ DVD collection.