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The Sixty Minute Debt Buster: An hour to transform your finances

Lion Hudson 2009
RRP $14.95

Linda Hanson is interested in finance matters and is a member of Cooroy Pomona Uniting Church.

This book lives up to its name as this book is easy to read and comprehend in sixty minutes. Living out what it says will take longer. The book provides good practical advice for finding your way out of debt. The author is a debt counsellor and has helped saved many people from losing their homes with her simple, but effective strategies. At the end of each chapter there is a sixty second summary aptly called look after the pennies to help readers focus their debt busting goals.

Key suggestions from the book include: making a budget and sticking to it, using a shopping list, cutting up your credit cards and using cash, paying off your credit card with highest interest rate first and always paying more than minimum required.

Despite the book offering worthwhile realistic advice I do not recommend it as it is British and some of the terms would be confusing in the Australian context. Instead I suggest readers who are looking to get out of debt do as she suggests – see a free financial counsellor. If you are looking to purchase a book I would suggest an Australian author like Michael Pascoe, Noel Whittaker or David Koch or read their columns in the papers. And if you really want to save money – borrow the book from the library!