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The Spectacular Ordinary Life

Authentic Lifestyle, 2008
RRP $24.95

Reviewed by Barbara Bailey

If you want to live the spectacular ordinary life, this book is for you. What a title! Viv Thomas, a Pastor and Theological lecturer writes a readable, credible, scripture-based text which could revolutionize any life. He sees deep into the “ordinary” and declares it is not principles or great ideas that can revolutionize lives, but a fully lived relationship with Father, Son and Spirit.

The authenticity of the author’s life shines through. His experience frees him to show the reader that as we accept we are loved, we are released to discover a new way to live in God’s power. He leads us into the deep places of the spiritual life by engaging with scripture and real life stories. One of the key scriptures quoted is John 10:10 where Jesus says, “I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.” Viv shows the glory and wonder of God and his purposes for us today can be found amid the ordinariness of our lives.

The Spectacular Ordinary Life is presented in three parts: Trinity, Story and Integration. Each chapter concludes with a reflection. In the chapter on Creation, the reflection is, “The spectacular ordinary life creatively engages with the world.” This is followed by a story of a person known to the author – an ordinary person, not a known hero, who models this life. Questions and statements for an individual or group to reflect upon complete the chapter.

The final chapter, Cultivating a spectacular ordinary life lists eight disciplines: Scripture Meditation, Prayer, Learning, Humility, Rest, Community, Journey and Celebration. Each reflects the reality of our daily living to reflect the glory and wonder of God. Every Christian or those seeking faith could benefit from this volume!