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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2

Stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner,

2012, rated M

By Tara Burton.

THE Twilight Saga is a four part romance/fantasy series written by Mormon author Stephenie Myer.

Since its release in 2005, The Twilight Saga has made billions of dollars worldwide.

In the lead up to seeing Breaking Dawn- part 2 I listened intently when the radio stations were conducting call up reviews.

I discovered two very starkly different reviews of the midnight screening in November.

One young woman called up to say that it was by far the best movie she had ever seen and had her tickets booked for two more screenings that day (mind you, that's three screenings in 24 hours!)

The next caller was an educated man in his forties and a professional film reviewer who called up to say that the last instalment of the highly anticipated series was a load of rubbish and a complete waste of time.

With the release of the final film instalment, The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2, many parents question if it is suitable for teenagers.

Ms Myer has embedded recurring Christian themes throughout the series; themes of love, sacrifice, heroism and friendship.

Carlisle Cullen, who is the main character Edward's father figure, was a pastor before becoming a vampire.

The series delves into Carlisle's morals as, even after becoming a vampire, his faith inspires him to save lives rather than take them.

He also feels strongly about the afterlife and the importance of the soul, a prevalent theme in all four books, as Edward doesn't want to turn love interest Bella into a vampire because he wants her to spend the afterlife in heaven.

As for Adam and Eve, the apple symbolises temptation in Twilight.

Edward is true to the traditional Christian viewpoint on pre-marital sex and it's a tale of chastity until they wed.

A pro-life perspective is also prominent in Breaking Dawn – Part 1, as when Bella falls pregnant she is adamant about keeping the vampire baby despite the fact that she is putting her own life in danger.

For me, The Twilight Saga has never failed to deliver breathtaking books and movies and Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is no exception.

In fact, I think it was the most thrilling, emotionally stirring and cinematically stunning of all five films!

The series wraps up perfectly with a shocking twist, which leaves fans stunned.

The audience in my cinema gasped in surprise as a fight scene erupted which never occurred in the book.

Favourite characters were torn apart (literally), and I was on the edge of the seat in anticipation for what would happen next and how it will end.

Out of all five films I finally connected with Kristin Stewart as she portrayed the erratic newborn vampire Bella.

She didn't fail to disappoint in a stellar performance as a newlywed, young mother and blood thirsty vampire!

Director Bill Condon impressively injected all of the high intensity and excitement from the book to the big screen motion picture.

Twilight fans will relish the final instalment of this mystical series that has taken the world by storm.

These movies are not looking at attracting a new audience.

They are a tribute to their loyal fans who over the years have waited patiently (and, let's be honest, sometimes frantically), for the release of the next instalment of the series that captured their heart.

For all the 'Twi-hards', may we celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

We got our perfect ending, and if like me you shed a tear that it's all over, you know you have witnessed something spectacular!