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The Very Worried Sparrow

Lion Children, 2006


RRP $9.95


Reviewed by Paul MacGregor, minister with Mt Isa Uniting Church.


This simple yet profound children’s book is sure to become a family favourite.


The story is about one very worried sparrow with a giant inferiority complex, who faced every hurdle in life with a sad face.


The story lends itself beautifully to opportunity for the parent or story-teller to enthral the young listener, through dramatic voice and facial expressions, is a certainty.


Add to this the delightful illustrations and you have a winner.


The Very Worried Sparrow would also be a good resource for a church children’s talk as well.


‘Do not worry’, ‘God will provide’, ‘All is well’ and ‘believe in yourself’, are lessons for young and old alike.


A great buy and an even better read, that teaches about God’s love and care, in a very memorable and natural way.