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The Wonderful World of CS Lewis’ Narnia

The Wonderful World of CS Lewis’ Narnia
By Linda and Robert Banks.
Bible Society NSW
RRP $5.95 or
$50 for a pack of 10

This small booklet of five discussion group studies follows the release of the movie The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe which is based on the children’s book written by C.S. Lewis. The studies reflect a growing interest in the connections between Lewis’ Narnia stories and the major themes of Christianity.

Each study is based on several chapters from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and although designed for adults, invites each participant to come to the group having read these chapters aloud, preferable to children.

The discussion format follows a three-fold pattern, reflecting the movement of the children from their ordinary world into the world of Narnia through the back of the wardrobe, and back again. The “starting from our world” question is designed to connect each participant with their own life experience. The next part “exploring a parallel world” brings aspects of the story into conversation with selected biblical texts. The third movement “connecting back into our world”, offers questions aimed at re-engaging our lives in fresh ways in light of any insights we may have gained, particularly in our parenting or ministry with children.

The studies are illustrated with black and white photographs from the movie and include brief quotations from various writings by C.S. Lewis. At the end of the booklet there are three useful paragraphs on the best way to understand the value of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe for children, for seekers and for Christian adults.

If you grew up with the stories of Narnia and want to engage the theme of the first book again as an adult; or if you are looking for a way to theologicaly reflect on a great children’s book with the Bible in one hand and the book in the other, then get a group of friends from church together because this study is for you. Highly recommended.

Rev Jenny Tymms is the Queensland Synod General Secretary