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Top Gear – The Challenges

Rated PG

This DVD is the ultimate show for car enthusiasts, with seven challenges for the BBC’s Top Gear team – Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

The challenges provide three hours of action. It is competitive, hilarious, sometimes dangerous and sometimes humiliating for those involved.

Space Shuttle Episode: Richard and James try to create the first car space shuttle from a Robin Reliant. This foolhardy venture into flight, wind tunnels and remote control requires further development of landing techniques.

Amphibian Episode: The team is challenged to turn three normal cars into amphibians. Help comes from amateurs and the world’s best boat makers.
To win, the driver must pilot his car-boat from one side of a two mile wide reservoir to the other.

Limo Episode: Jeremy, Richard and James transform three cars into limousines. The action gets competitive as the limos are forced to turn tight circles, dodge paintballs and navigate obstacles including a water jet and stingers.
This is only the start of the challenges as the limos are later used to transport three celebrities to the Brit Awards. Will the stars make it to the red carpet on time, if at all?

Parkour Episode: A Peugot 207 races two exponents of Parkour, the sport of leaping across rooftops, across Liverpool. James attempts to prove that cars are faster than men in silly trousers.

Race from Alba Episode: James and Richard team up to beat Jeremy in a race to take a truffle from southern Italy to a restaurant in London. James and Richard take the option of flying a Cessna 182 while Jeremy drives the worlds fastest, most lavish supercar the Bugatti Veyron.

In The Challenges the Top Gear team attack everything thrown their way with enthusiasm and a never say never attitude. Great fun!

Reviewed by Daniel Krause, a student and revhead