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Turtle Egg Day

Turtle Egg Day
by Ruth Thompson
Illustrationed by Bindi Waugh and Ruth Thompson
Black Ink Press
RRP $15

Turtle Egg Day tells a day in the life story of an indigenous girl who goes hunting for turtle eggs for the very first time.

She discovers a whole lot of new things that day, as do they children as they read along or have the story read to them. It is not a story from the dreaming, but from everyday life.

My daughter (Grade 2) sat down and read it right through when I brought it home and the classes I read it to found it interesting and even funny in places. It lead to a discussion about this little girl’s different way of life.

A great little book for anyone wanting to give children exposure to life for indigenous people.

Perhaps what is most interesting is that the author Ruth Thompson sadly passed away before this book could be published. Bindi Waugh, an award-winning artist, was commissioned to finished the illustrations.

I commend Black Ink Publishing for their efforts in promoting indigenous authors and children’s books in a very tough market and for giving indigenous children a voice and stories of their own.