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Valuing Our Heritage

Valuing Our Heritage
by Noel Adsett
CopyRight Publishing Co.
RRP $27.50

Valuing Our Heritage is a scholarly work. It is well written; it is meticulous in its historical detail. It is heart-warming in its very human biographies of ministers. At the same time, it captures the dynamic spiritual ministries that the denominations brought to the city as well as to their congregations.

With a very human touch, the book follows the struggles of the ministers and congregations to establish churches for their denominations.

The book brings to its readers the highs and lows of Christian experience from the early days of the Moreton Bay Settlement, as committed Christians sought to establish the church as a vital part of the development of the character and fabric of the city.

Valuing Our Heritage is rich in the history of the Presbyterians and Congregationalists in Brisbane. It is also a valuable piece of literature. Perhaps most of all it is a heart-warming story of the people of God. It values our heritage through almost two centuries, and in particular it celebrates the richness of St Andrew’s as a house of God in every facet of its hundred years.

Available from St Andrew’s Church office, 131 Creek Street, Brisbane or phone 32212400. $35 inc packing and postage.