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Voices from Heaven

Soweto Gospel Choir
ABC Music CD
RRP $30.95

Ever since I saw the “Power of One” film and heard first hand the sounds that were put together for that movie, I have had a soft spot for the sounds of traditional African harmonies and melodies. This curiosity led me to listening to this album from the Soweto Gospel Choir.

This album is a combination of the classic rhythm and melodies of the African nations and the western structure of a Gospel choir. The 32 strong choir is sourced from churches across Africa and bring the sound of their nation to us in a format that can be stirring, moving, exciting and melodic; all at once.

Over an hour of listening pleasure with great African sounds in songs performed in the native tongue and well known western gospel standards performed in English. Overall the quality of sound and the quality of performance make an unbeatable combination to bring you “Voices from Heaven”.

Some of the outstanding tracks off this album include an uplifting version of “Amazing Grace” where the choir put their all into the song and the first track, “Jikela Emaweni.

Rarely in their home nation, this choir travels all over the world performing and raises money for children’s charities back home.

Highly recommended listening for anyone who wants to relax or just be uplifted by great harmonies.