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We Dig Christmas


If you’ve woken up from the dream of a White Christmas and you’re tired of wandering through a musical Winter Wonderland – Brisbane jazz band Scat’s latest offering might refresh your ears this Christmas.

Scat’s We dig Christmas describes itself as “a jazzy Christmas album for the whole family to enjoy.” Their fifth album, We Dig Christmas retains the band’s signature quality musicianship with a very accessible and ‘playable’ feel.

You don’t need to be a jazz aficionado to enjoy this.

Scat have been enjoying more airplay of late. Sizzlin’ Summer Land deserves to be on mainstream Christmas playlists. To the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland:

“Ceiling fans are a bad joke
I should have listened to the sales bloke
Could have got AC, on interest free
But I’m sweatin’ in a sizzlin’ summer land.”

Good King Wenceslas gets a light hearted treatment without losing any of its great story. Oh Holy Night and Silent Night are presented in a natural worshipful style.

This album isn’t only good for playing in the background during the Christmas break-up party. It’s one of those CDs you could put on when there’s no one else at home, sit back and enjoy.

You’ll probably dig it too.

For more information visit www.scatjazz.com

Phil Smith is an ABC radio presenter and all round good bloke