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What Would Jesus Drive

Wombat Books, 2012
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Reviewed by John Ruhle.

WHAT Would Jesus Drive is another edition in the Car Park Parable series.

The story takes a different approach to the Palm Sunday story by looking at the events of Jesus entering Jerusalem through the eyes of Old Mr T, Muscles, Luxurious Lucy and co.

Not only does the story look through the eyes of the cars, it makes a clever play on the WWJD, ‘What Would Jesus Do’, saying.
By looking at what would Jesus drive we learn about each car’s expectations of what they think Jesus would have driven as he came into the city.

Was he a rebel riding a motorbike or an ambulance driver coming to heal people?

We need to read on to find out!

What Would Jesus Drive is a great children’s book that encourages all of us to consider our own understanding of who Jesus is and what we learn through the example of his life and ministry.

I read the book to my nine, seven and five-year-old daughters and it was given a resounding thumbs up by all involved.

At the end of the book we had a good chat about what happened on Palm Sunday and also about what Jesus did at Easter.

If you want to read some great kids books that also provide an opportunity for faith discussions with your children or grandchildren then the Car Park Parable series, and in particular, What Would Jesus Drive is a great place to start.