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What You Will See Inside a Mosque

One of a series “Walking Together, Finding the Way”
Published by Skylight Paths Publishing, Woodstock, Vermont, USA
RRP $16.95

Reviewed by Brian Lee

A slim volume (32pp about A4 size, soft cover), this is one of a series prepared primarily for children. Issued in hard cover in 2003, this “first quality paperback printing” came in 2008. Other books listed with a similar title relate to A Catholic Church, A Synagogue and A Hindu Temple.
What You Will See Inside a Mosque is a valuable resource for parents and teachers and could be used profitably here as our nation becomes increasingly not only multi-cultural but also noticeably multi-faith.
Unlike modern Protestant Churches with their infinite and often confusing variety of symbols (or lack of symbols), all Mosques, in whichever country they are built, have certain basic features.
The two New York Mosques photographed for this book are comparatively simple.
The important features of a Mosque – minaret, ablution area, qibla, minbar and the carpeted prayer room – along with devotional practices required of Muslims – the call to prayer, modest clothing, prayers for men and women, charitable giving, Ramadan fasting (this page is followed by a mouth watering full page of delicious food!), the Mecca pilgrimage – these are beautifully illustrated and explained.
A wise speaker on inter-faith matters told us that if we want to learn about another faith we should learn from those who practise it, not from its enemies; we should refrain from comparing our best with their worst; and we should always leave room for “holy envy”.
What You Will See Inside a Mosque, and the other books in the series, can help us, and our children, do just that.