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Why weren’t we told?

Polebridge Press, 2013

RRP $25.00

Reviewed by Rev Bryan Gilmour Past Moderator of the Uniting Church in Queensland

As a conservative evangelical Christian of the latter decades of the twentieth century, I always felt ill at ease with the narrow confines of the dogmatic creeds and the "straightjacket" formulas of belief that Christians were expected to adhere to within the confines of regulated denominations.

There was no acceptable freedom to step outside those regulated boundaries for fear of expulsion or moving beyond the dogmatic confines of our denominational heritage.

Today, in a world of unlimited resources and enquiry, people are asking the pertinent question of their denominational leaders, Why weren't we told?

This book of selected writings is a powerful stimulus for Christians to explore the mysteries of their own faith walk.

It will open new horizons that stimulate spiritual growth and enable a freedom for people in small groups to share together in these many critical areas of human spiritual discovery and fulfilment.

Rex Hunt and John Smith are opening the door for Christians and people of every religious persuasion or none, to explore a "new spiritual vitality and expressiveness"; to ensure that Christianity has an "intellectual integrity", and breaks down the barriers of sexuality, culture and religion.

As we move on in our faith walk by questioning, discussion and debate, we are ever progressing beyond the dogmatic straightjacket forms of Christendom, to new horizons of interpreting our faith, focus and values for our spiritually liberated journey.

I recommend people of all ages, irrespective of their present theological beliefs or denominational allegiance, to explore and research their individual faith walk through the pages of this book.

The thinking and scholarship of the vast array of Christian contributors will liberate, invigorate and expand the understanding of your beliefs and faith practice. It will provide a vehicle for rethinking your faith and your understanding of humanity in this 21st century.

Rex Hunt, John Smith and Val Webb will discuss their recently published books: Why Weren't We Told, Against the Stream and In Defence of Doubt at a seminar on 9 March at Merthyr Road Uniting Church, Brisbane. For more information contact 0409 498 402 or drgarn@bigpond.net.au.