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Yes: A Positive Faith

Darton Longman Todd
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Edwards brings to bear on this discussion, his experience and thinking consequent upon being a Priest for 50 years and his experience as an academic within the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

He examines many traditional Christian beliefs, the basis on which these beliefs developed and the validity when consideration is given to the question, “Is this belief consistent with our knowledge of the world, God, Christ and God’s Spirit?”

Some of his conclusions may be controversial.

Truths evident in psychology, e.g. the crippling effect of cold, unloving parents, rejection and abuse, are contrasted with the stronger experience of unlocking our innate capacity to love.

To quote Edwards on this corner-stone of belief in the Triune God, “The essential message of Christ’s Cross… He died to show us that God loves us and pays the price of love.”( Page 96)

Christianity and the work of the Holy Spirit are shown to be relevant factors in the lives of people who allow the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, thereby influencing whole societies.

The influence of Spirituality is explored and its sinister side considered.

The claims made by contrasting aspects of Christianity – Pentecostal and Charismatic – are laid out and examined.

All in all, Yes: A Positive Faith presents an in depth consideration of Christianity, the contrasting aspects evident in the past, raises questions which are vital to attracting people to a relationship with the eternal God and ways in which the body of Christ (the Church) can respond to the challenge.

Reviewed by Grahame Tainton, the Secretary of the Queensland Lay Preacher’s Association