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Aussies more stressed this year

PEOPLE ON THE Gold Coast are more stressed in 2010 than they were in 2009, according to Lifeline’s annual stress poll.
The latest poll, conducted by Newspoll, has 90 per cent of the population experiencing stress in their lives.

That’s nine out of ten people, or 20 million Australians.

The poll also identified that 43 per cent of Australians, or just under 9.5 million of us, are very stressed.

That means that over 650,000 more Australians are stressed this year, when compared to last year.

“In fact, Australians are more stressed than Americans,” Lifeline’s Lis Flynn said today.

“Believe it or not, when you compare the results of America’s last stress poll (2009) to ours, we are significantly more stressed out than they are.

“Their poll had just 75 per cent of people stressed with 25 per cent experiencing high levels of stress, while our results are 90 per cent and 43 per cent in comparison.

Australians really need to work at managing their stress levels.

“That’s why we are asking people to take a day off stress and join us for Stress Down Day on July 23.

Funds raised from the day will go towards helping Lifeline manage the massive work load we have with around one million Australians contacting us each year through our telephone, face to face and other support services.”

The poll showed that the number one stressor for Australians is work, with 74 per cent of people who work finding it stressful and 23 per cent finding work very stressful. These results reflect the statistics captured in 2009.

The number two cause for stress in 2010 was identified as thoughts of the future, with 69 per cent worried about what’s over the horizon and 16 per cent very stressed about it.

“Last year the number two spot was filled by stress about finances, so the shift to stress about what the future holds is significant.

Perhaps this new focus is the result of the recent global financial crisis or recent and looming elections both here and overseas.

Whatever it is, it is making people worried,” said Lifeline’s Lis Flynn.

The annual stress poll also revealed that 65 per centof Aussies are concerned about their finances, with 21 per cent very stressed about it.

Finally, stress about health is at 57 per cent and personal relationships is at 42 per cent.

For more information on the 2010 Stress Down Day click here.