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Counting down to ncyc11

Young People in worship at NCYC 2009. Photo by Pammy Pryor
ALL OVER the country people are packing their bags and preparing to encounter God on the Gold Coast as they welcome
2011 at the National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC), a biennial Uniting Church event.

More than 1000 young people aged 16-25, church leaders and adult volunteers will gather on 29
December for the start of ncyc11.

Attendees will be from Australia, New Zealand, PNG, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, and India.

Brian Collins, 17, will be attending ncyc11 and travelling from the northside of Brisbane.

“I’m looking forward to meeting up with all the people from last time, singing at the top of my lungs and partying with God for a week,” said Mr Collins.

His first NCYC was in Melbourne 2009.

“It was all pretty amazing but my favourite moment I’d have to say was Fa’s speech and the atmosphere there was pretty amazing.”

Fa Ngaluafe spoke passionately on the last day of convention in 2009 and is on the Management Team for ncyc11 as the Cross Cultural Linking Coordinator and one of the driving forces behind New Year’s Eve Celebrations.

Rev Dr Elizabeth Nolan is a Minister of the Word at Warrnambool Uniting Church in Victoria.

This will be Dr Nolan’s seventh NCYC having attended three as a participant in the 1970s and three as a chaplain or adult
volunteer since 1997.

Dr Nolan finds it hard to choose a favourite NCYC moment, but highlights 1975 with Dr Norman Habel and Dr Kosuke
Koyama’s preaching.

Although the speakers, music, Bible studies and program will be different in 2011 from many years
past, Dr Nolan’s prayer is that NCYC is the same.

“I am looking forward to young people really encountering a living faith through the witness of others and I pray they will
respond and give their lives over to following Jesus as Lord and Saviour for the good of our community in Australia and the
world,” she said.

For more information visit NCYC

Photo : Young People in worship at NCYC 2009. Photo by Pammy Pryor