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Easter TV drama tells modern story

A scene from An Innocent Man? Photo courtesy of Australian Christian Multimedia
CHRISTIAN Television Australia’s Easter special An Innocent Man? will air on the Seven Network at 3pm on Good Friday.

The TV drama looks at the Easter story in a modern-day context.

Produced by Melbourne based production company, Australian Christian Multimedia, An Innocent Man? brings a sense of
freshness to the age-old story.

The events of the Easter story are retold through television interviews with the story’s main characters.

Melbourne producer, Phil Smith, received special permission to film inside Victoria’s Parliament House for key dramatic scenes for the program.

Australian Christian Multimedia was the winner of the Christian Television Australia (CTA) Program Development Prize which was set up to encourage new producers to create compelling Christian programming.

CTA’s CEO, Martin Johnson, said they had over 20 applications from producers around Australia.

“We chose An Innocent Man? because its dramatic structure was quite different to other programs CTA had produced.

“Re-telling the Easter story using modern-day television interview techniques really works and we are very excited at the final result,” he said, Melbourne-based actors play key roles and local production company Orsino Media shot and edited the program.

Producer, Mr Smith, said CTA have had a long connection with the 7 network.

“We thank them for opening this opportunity up to other creative people,” he said.

It also airs on the Australian Christian Channel at 11am and 9.30pm on Easter Sunday.

For more information or to see a preview visit www.christiantelevision.org.au

Photo : A scene from An Innocent Man? Photo courtesy of Australian Christian Multimedia