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Gatherings show living Jesus

Photo by Conan Whitehouse and courtesy of the Catholic Leader
MODERATOR BRUCE Johnson, along with four other heads of churches, is taking part in a series of six ecumenical gatherings that aim to provide an evangelising moment.

Each Living Jesus gathering includes presentations by three church leaders on their personal faith journey.

The first gathering was held on 15 February at St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Sippy Downs on the Sunshine Coast.

Archbishop John Bathersby (Catholic), Archbishop Phillip Aspinall (Anglican) joined Mr Johnson in sharing their personal
faith stories to more than 500 people who attended.

“Each of us shared something of our own faith experiences and of what Jesus meant for us.

“Then there were a couple of local people who shared part oftheir faith story.

Both of them were quite different in their perspectives.”

Mr Johnson said those present enjoyed the evening and were keen to know what happened next.

“I was going to ask them that,” he said.

“We had shown people how to talk about their faith and modelled the simplicity of doing that.

“So we said ‘it’s up to you whether you continue to talk about your faith with your friends and strangers and each other’ .”

Archbishop Aspinall spoke about the need for the church to communicate its theology in a language that makes sense to
young adults rather than just sounding like “religious noise”.

Mr Johnson spoke of his experience of young adults wanting to live out their faith and make a difference in the world around them.

“The challenge for the church is to help them and support them in that and help the young people understand the importance of prayer and being engaged in a Christian community for sustaining them.”

Mr Johnson said the event was made successful by the support of the local churches and he hoped for similar support for upcoming events.
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Photo : Photo by Conan Whitehouse and courtesy of the Catholic Leader