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Giving the gift of love

O perfect Love, all human thought transcending,
lowly we kneel in prayer before thy throne,
that theirs may be the love which knows no ending,
whom thou forevermore dost join in one.
O perfect Love
words by Dorothy Frances Blomfield Gurney, 1883

FEBRUARY IS often known as the month of love.

Even from the origins of St Valentine’s Day the month has been associated with romance and love. As we prepare for Easter we are reminded that love first comes from God.

Blue Care Director of Mission Rev Colleen Geyer said God’s love for the world is reflected in how we treat others.

“Every act of kindness, every gentle caring way, every bold act of justice, every honouring of our humanness is created in the image of God,” she said. “This shows us that God is present in our world and that we hold within our being the responsibility to be God’s love for others.”

Rev Dr Apichart Branjerdporn, Minister at Logan Central Multicultural Uniting Church, agreed.

“God’s love is evidenced in our goodwill for all people,” he said. “Within our community there is a sense of awareness of the Almighty.

“Within our Church, I believe there is a greater awareness of each other no matter what culture or colour we come from or what creed we believe.”

Ms Geyer said reflecting God’s love is best done humbly.

“Without acknowledgement, and with as much honesty as we can find, our quiet, faithful ways reflect a God that is with us in all that we experience, or that others we encounter experience,” she said.

“Bad things will happen, questions will remain unanswered, injustice will require constant attention – but in all of this, God is with us.”

Dr Branjerdporn said the openness shown to refugees was a wonderful example of how the Church in Queensland demonstrates God’s love.

“I have had the opportunity to welcome a number of refugees from Burma, Sudan, Afghanistan and China.

“The Church has welcomed them as brothers and sisters in Christ with respect and dignity and we have seen them love us back. This I believe is the Christian’s spirit of love.”

Paragraph 15 of the Basis of Union tells us that congregations are, “to hear God’s Word, to celebrate the sacraments, to build one another up in love, to share in the wider responsibilities of the Church, and to serve the world”.

To reflect God’s love in the world it is first necessary to reflect God’s love in our homes and churches.