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NCYC Bible studies cater for all

Adrian Greenwood (black T-shirt) hands out flyers as part of a ‘flash mob’ in Melbourne. Photo by Mike Emmett
WITH ONLY three months until the biennial National Christian Youth Convention (ncyc11) begins on the Gold Coast, leaders from across Australia are warming up some challenging and interactive Bible studies.

NSW Synod Youth Unit coordinator Rob Hanks and his team will be leading a “surfing” level Bible study for those just starting out in faith.

“We promise to offer an interactive and experiential Bible Study space using live music, multimedia, small groups, creativity, puppets, drama and ‘stations’ in the space with different styles each day to help the participants unpack what they hear in words and music,” said Mr Hanks.

As a Bible study leader at the last NCYC in Melbourne, Mr Hanks said the studies at ncyc11 will have a similar flavour but embrace the ncyc11 theme Turn it Up.

“Turn It Up will be an opportunity for participants to discover their own voice and to seek harmony with God’s tune.”

Vic/Tas Synod Young Adults Discipleship Educator Adrian Greenwood will run an “activist” Bible study, among other ncyc11 jobs, in response to the popularity of the submersion mission activity he led at NCYC09 – a public rally in Federation Square in Melbourne’s CBD.

“I’m leading an activist Bible study that links the biblical texts with social and environmental issues and personal ways to engage these issues as Good News,” he said.

“I hope people keep connecting the social, political and personal dimensions of our faith.

“I hope they feel strengthened in their souls to keep influencing and creating communities of hope in the world and I hope they leave with a sneaky activist smile and some fun ideas for holy mischief!”

For people ready to jump further into the deep end with their Bible studies, the “Scuba Diving” level offers a deeper level of reflection on the ncyc11 themes.

Dave Andrews, author, educator and advocate of radical spirituality and incarnational community will be helping people to rediscover the beatitudes.

Alison Cox, ncyc11 coordinator, said the team was passionate about seeing the convention as a truly national event.

“It will be great to hear from people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives,” she said.

“These leaders are talented, creative people who have already turned up their own faith and walked this road themselves.

“They’re inspiring just to spend time with because they live and breathe their faith in their daily lives, not just teach it.”

For more information visit www.ncyc11.com.au

Photo : Adrian Greenwood (black T-shirt) hands out flyers as part of a ‘flash mob’ in Melbourne. Photo by Mike Emmett